Dynamics 365 CE Metadata capture for SharePoint

Out-of-box SharePoint and Dynamics integration works well in most scenarios but not so if you wanted to add metadata. The SharePoint Metadata Capture add-on allows you to capture additional metadata for a document when the same is uploaded into the SharePoint Document library from Dynamics 365 CRM. The metadata is also available in Dynamics 365 CRM so that any action can be initiated at a later point in time.

Add-on is available on Microsoft AppSource.
Sync Metadata

This add-on enables you to capture additional metadata for documents when the same in uploaded into SharePoint document library from Dynamics 365 CE. It supports both SharePoint standard and custom metadata.

Actionable Metadata

In order to enable automation the add-on uses the Metadata values and document links stored in Dynamics CRM. These helps initiate workflows or actions with Dynamics 365 CE.

Configurable Solution

This is a configurable solution that supports upto 3 metadata attributes of different datatypes. The configuration settings enable you to specify which is the metadata column is mandatory.

Microsoft Dynamics Add-on for SharePoint Metadata Capture
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Sharepoint Metadata Capture FAQs
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