Are you still spending time pulling out reports and sending manually?
Design & Schedule once and let Report Scheduler for MS Dynamics 365 CE do the rest

The Reports Scheduler Add-on enables you to automatically run reports in Dynamics 365 CE. It can be set to execute on a scheduled interval and send the report as an email attachment. Reports Scheduler supports both out-of-box system reports as well as custom reports. Also, it can deliver automated reports to single or multiple users in a team. With the simple configuration in this add-on, you can automatically generate & send unlimited timely reports. This advanced add-on, helps you simplify scheduling reports in Microsoft dynamics.

Automate Periodic Reports

With Report Scheduler you get an intellectual UI to set-up recurring and automated reports of CRM data on a periodic basis.

Report Formats

Auto-generate reports in different formats as per your requirements. Export reports in PDF, Excel, Words and other formats.

Easy Emailing Option

Directly use email templates and include the reports generated from our Add-on and deliver the emails with the attached reports.

Report Scheduler for Dynamics 365 CE

Report Scheduler for Dynamics 365 CE
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