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E-Mail Marketing Services
We help you to reach your target audience, to create, send and track email campaigns effectively
Online Reputation Repair & Management

We design beautiful eye-catching, customizable Html email templates that effectively communicates with your audience and convey a correct message to them. We craft templates that best suits your message, it may be selling or promoting your brand, sharing some news or telling a story.

Creating Landing Pages

We help you to protect your online brand value from damaging your reputation by proactively building and monitoring your online presence which safeguards your brand online. We are one of the Best Email Marketing Agency which can help you generate leads via email campaigns.

Promotional email setup

Grabbing eye ball of your targeted audience is a difficult task. We help you to setup unlimited emails for your audience. We create best and unique mass mailing campaign and provide targeted Email Marketing Services that gives your customer a direct call to action.

Get Inbox Optimized

This method is concentrated on your existing targeted customers. It is a special technique that can be applied to your offline customers also. It is a method that provides leverage to show your ads across different google partner platforms.

Easy, Fast and Affordable Email Marketing

Email template designs and promotional strategies that can take your business to the next level

Email marketing is the oldest technique of promoting your goods and services. As the technology evolved, several new techniques came into practice, but no one could replace email marketing. As it is the most-trusted method of conveying a message to the targeted audience.  

It is one of the easiest and effective ways to convey your message to the people. Email marketing is a marketing method that still gives you maximum Rate of Investment (ROI).

E-Mailing can be a very interesting way of marketing, some basic facts about it are: 

– Monday emails have the highest revenue per email 

– Emails have ROI of 4300% which is highest of all other marketing formats (Forbes, 2016) 

– Open rates are high when company send two emails per month 

– 48% of the total emails are opened on a smartphone 

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Features that help you to improve your online reputation
Building Online Presence

Your online presence makes you visible locally and internationally resulting in establishing your identity online. Social media offers you a platform which helps you to create your own personality. Your online presence gives ease to your old and new customers to contact with you easily.

Attracting Traffic

Social media is amongst top resources from where you get maximum traffic. The amount of traffic you attract towards your website directly depends on the quality of content and the structure of your social media posts. Targeting audiences for correct posts also plays a huge role in driving great traffic towards your blog or website.

Getting Backlinking

SMO plays a vital role in getting backlinking for your website resulting in getting more people visiting your website and making it popular. It also helps in introducing more links to your website and blogs which can enhance view of your website.

Instant Turnaround

SMO provides you complete visibility by which you get a profitable way of advertising your brand in popular social media sites. These sites help you to reach your targeted audience in no time and you can turnaround your prospective customers in no delay.

Brand Building

For the marketer’s priority is creating and spreading awareness about brand. Building brand is not an overnight process it takes patience and dedication. Continuous effort through SMO ensures that the product and services you offer has consistency which helps you to build a Brand.

Social Proof

Social Media is the platform which offers you a real-time response about your product and services. When you do social media marketing about your brand your audience multiplies and you get true response through reviews and comments by your audience.

With Soluzione deliver your latest schemes, offers and products straight to the inbox

We offer you best email marketing services and set targeted email campaigns for you. We build high impact email templates. We send bulk emails for you and offers a better insight through real-time reporting. Our team evaluates your campaign performance and gives you intuitive reports which include our real-time data showing the description about your email, number of targeted audience, number of receivers, clickers and openers. We follow the same practice regularly that helps you to get more targeted audience resulting in having more relevant leads.   

Our team focuses on creative and responsive design which offers you powerful templates to attract more and more viewers. Your email list can be the key point of acquiring more customers, therefore it is most important to get the maximum out of your email campaign. 

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Soluzione is a Team of Experts and we specialize in delivering Microsoft Business Applications through our technical expertise, understanding of varied domains with extensive experience of our team and deep passion for customer satisfaction. We believe in highest level of quality and partnership more than service to customers thus building great relationships not just for a project but for a lifetime. 


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